Rachel Sussman captures the ‘oldest living things in the world’; organisms 2,000 yrs +!

Crash Course Literature #8: Things Fall Apart I. http://youtu.be/w1Kw94qjdQA

For this week’s DFTBA we spotlight ARTiculations. Betty’s passion for the arts is both motivating and infectious, and her analyses, thoughts and lessons around all things art will make you want to step out of your house and into a gallery, art show or play. And her Art Assignment projects are awesome. Check her out (and thanks to caffeineattack for the recommendation!)

I recommend ARTiculations , a nerdfighter who is also a big art nerd and has recently started an informative and fun Art Vlog. There are many great educational programs on Youtube for science and history but not an overwhelming amount on art, aside from The Art Assignment that is. Hopefully ARTiculations can help to fill the void.”

Twitter: @articulationsv Tumblr: articulationsvlog YouTube: articulationsvlog

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This little cutie can’t wait for Phil to talk about nature connection on #TCToday! Coming soon.

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Do you think we spend enough time in nature as kids… or naw?

Crash Course Literature #7: Jane Eyre. http://youtu.be/Z8tqY8fX0Ec

On the next #TCToday Phil will be talking nature connection! How do you connect with nature on the regular?

Crash Course Psychology #10: Altered States. http://youtu.be/9PW1fwKjo-Y

We’re starting a ‘weekly DFTBA!’ feature where we highlight awesome people doing awesome things. This week, check out the amazing work by nerdfighter Risa Rodil. We <3 her #TFIOS cover redesign + many more of her great works! http://risarodil.com/